Essential Oils for hair?

Why do we need to use essential oils for hair?  
Essential oils have been used by women for a long time to improve scalp and hair, resolve different issues: dandruff, oiliness, hair loss, dryness, loss of shine. Depending on the type, they can be used as prevention or for therapeutic purposes. Oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, promote active growth and hydration. They are used to reduce hair oiliness, eliminate dandruff and brittleness, give smoothing and shine.
How to use essential oils?
You can apply directly on scalp or add few drops in shampoo, conditioner or hair mask.
At Tresselle we have 3 types of essential oils:
💫B.iO Empower for treating hair loss and helping with  hair growth by Sinergy Cosmetics Italy.
💫 B.iO Calm for treating itchy, dry, sensitive scalp by Sinergy Cosmetics Italy.
💫B.iO Pure for treating dandruff, oily scalp by Sinergy Cosmetics Italy.

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