Cold Hair Botox is an intensive hair treatment consisting of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and oils. If your hair is dehydrated, thinning, falling out or you suffer from split ends, hair fizziness, or simply want healthier hair, hair restoring treatment can be a lifesaver (well, a hair saver, I guess). It’s full of nourishing proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and other hair-healthy ingredients that fill in the gaps in your hair fibers and restore it to its natural beauty.In addition to removing frizz, treatment adds volume to your hair and rejuvenates hair strands which were previously damaged.

  • Our hair care experts use only proven, effective and high-quality products that guarantee maximum restoration of damaged hair structure and improvement of their appearance.
  • You will see the result after the first procedure. If you would like, you can take a whole course of complex treatment.
  • Our professional hair care products are certified. They have a healing effect. The active components of the serums penetrate deeply into the structure of damaged hair and restore it from the inside.
  • Thanks to professional hair restoration in our salon, you can not only improve the appearance of your curls, but also prolong their youth and health.

Hair recovery treatment benefits: repairs hair on molecular level, elimination of porosity, frizz control, nutrition and hydration, strengthening, hair growth & resistance, softening and silkiness, repairs split ends, return of shine and elasticity, helps with dandruff & oily scalp, provides natural shine!***To achieve the best result, such care should be carried out about 1 times a month. Once the hair has acquired the desired appearance and result, it will be enough once in a few month.


Victoria is the best! First off, I wanna say she has MAGICAL hands! My hair was so curly and overall a huge mess! She was so patient with my hair and we had lots of good conversations while she was doing my hair. Her personality is amazing! Shes very kind and extremely patient! I had so many questions about keratin and she explained everything to me super patiently! I very much recommend her. Ive been to many other hair specialists and they were never as patient as Victoria. They weren’t the best, but when i came to Victoria she gave me the absolute BEST experience!!! I recommend her to everyone who’s thinking of getting keratin or botox done!

North York, Ontario, Canada

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