At Tresselle studio we transform curls and spirals into a shiny waterfall of absolutely straight hair!
If your hair is curly or naughty, we will straighten it in one salon session.
Nanoplastia is a hair care procedure that gives smoothness and shine to hair. Nanoplastia is an analogue of keratin straightening. But the main active ingredient is amino acids, which are embedded in the hair structure and fill it. Oils, extracts, panthenol and protein give hair even more regeneration and nutrition. Nanoplastia hair treatment is done for wavy, curly, tangled, naughty strands. The fundamental difference from keratin straightening is that Nanoplastia is recommended to be done on relatively healthy, not too damaged hair.
The composition for Nanoplastia has passed strong dermatological tests and fully confirms it's safety and effectiveness.

***Gives a long-lasting effect lasting up to 6-7 months.


Absolutely amazing. Victoria is professional and knowledgeable about the different treatments and techniques. I am so happy with my treatments every time.

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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