Treat your hair with a relaxing and conditioning salon treatment! SPA hair treatment includes the following:

  • Special baths with shampoo, which was selected for the type of your hair.
  • Relaxing and at the same time improving blood circulation head massage, which stimulates hair growth.
  • The use of essences, balms, oils, leave ins (nourish the hair and protect it from adverse effects, as a rule, are used at the end of the procedure).
  • Mask which has the most effective effect on the hair and scalp, it can be nourishing, moisturizing, etc.
  • Scalp peeling will not leave anyone indifferent, because effectively exfoliates dead skin on the head, renews and heals it.

The result of SPA hair care is incredibly shiny, strong, healthy hair and fast growth.***To achieve the best result, such care should be carried out about 2-3 times a month. Once the hair has acquired the desired appearance and result, it will be enough once a month.


I always do my hair treatment with Victoria, she is highly professional and I love products that she uses! I am so satisfied with my hair now, as it was badly damaged (I am blond). Also that Victoria is very nice and friendly, which is very important for me to feel comfortable during the procedure :)

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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