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We are extremely caring about the scalp and hair quality of our customers. Sinergy Cosmetics products are plant based, all raw materials of Italian origin. 99,9% of products are paraben free, do not contain aluminum salts or toxic substances and are made of healthiest ingredients.

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Scalp & Hair Treatment Line for Home Use

Discover our wide range of professional grade hair care products for the scalp and hair.
The hair scalp takes on many issues over time: from dryness to hair fall, so our hair scalps deserve the best care. Get healthier scalp and hair today with our exceptional trichological hair care products for home use!

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Scalp Detox & Cold Botox treatment in action

Scalp & Hair detox Treatment

Scalp Detox or Peeling is a treatment that helps to remove dead skin cells and re-establish the supply of oxygen to the skin, to build procedure of recovery, to eliminate dandruff/hair loss and soothe the scalp. It is recommended to combine scalp detox treatment with hair conditioning or hair restoration treatment (cold botox, detox, honey etc) for better results.


Cold Botox Treatment

If your hair is dehydrated, thinning, falling out or you suffer from split ends, or simply want healthier hair, Hair Restoring treatment (Cold Botox) can be a lifesaver (well, a hair saver). It’s full of nourishing proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and other hair-healthy ingredients that fill in the gaps in your hair fibers and restore it to its natural beauty.
In addition to removing frizz, treatment adds volume to your hair and rejuvenates hair strands which were previously damaged.
Our hair care experts use only proven, effective and high-quality products that guarantee maximum restoration of damaged hair structure and improvement of their appearance.


Steam Ozone Therapy

Steam Ozone Nano Therapy is very beneficial for hair and scalp issues. Ozone treatment is a scalp and hair procedure during which oxygen (O2) converts into ozone (03), diffuses into the hair and strengthens hair follicles. This treatment process addresses common hair problems including hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff and hair dehydration.Ozone Nano therapy also enhances the volume of hair and infuses oxygen and moisturizing ingredients through blue light & steam.


Hot Botox Treatment

Smoothing Hot Botox is a revolutionary treatment aimed at healing, strengthening and restoring hair. It is based on the use of a special composition of numerous active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, amino acids, oils, vitamins, keratin. This composition makes hair more elastic, strong, and gives it a healthy shine. It is important, however, that Botox allows you to see a stunning result immediately after the procedure; keeps hair shiny and smooth for 2-3 months, and the first 4 weeks do not require additional care;
has a cumulative effect, so it is recommended to repeat it every 2-4 months.
Hot Botox Treatment doesn't have straightening effect, but helps to eliminate frizz and gives you more control so you can capture that perfect look!


Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a hair straightening process that transforms frizzy, unruly and curled hair to straight, shiny and healthier looking state. If you are dreaming of sparkling, straight and smooth hair but in a safest way, keratin hair treatment would be best choice for you. At Tresselle we have a perfect choice of high quality, premium class keratin treatment products for any type of hair! Even for the most damaged, blonde or colored! All products used for the treatment are Formaldehyde free and 100% safe!



If your hair is curly or naughty, we will straighten it in one salon session! Nanoplastia is a hair care procedure that gives smoothness and shine to the hair. Nanoplastia is an analogue of keratin straightening. But the main active ingredient is amino acids, which are embedded in the hair structure and fill it. Oils, extracts, panthenol and protein give hair even more regeneration and nutrition. Nanoplastia hair treatment is done for wavy, curly, tangled, and naughty strands. The fundamental difference from keratin straightening is that nanoplastia is recommended to be done on relatively healthy, not too damaged hair. The composition for nanoplastia has passed strong dermatological tests and fully confirms it's safety and effectiveness.


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