If you are dreaming of sparkling, straight and smooth hairs but in a safest way, keratin hair treatment would be best choice for you. Keratin treatment is a hair straightening process that transforms frizzy, unruly and curled hair to straight, shiny and healthier looking state. Over time, due to dyeing, curling, unfavorable environmental conditions, the hair loses its own keratin, becomes dull, brittle, unruly, and does not look well. During keratinization, each hair is saturated with keratin and its structure is restored. The strands become smooth, shiny and look like models with glossy effect. At Tresselle salon we have a perfect choice of high quality, premium class keratin treatment products for any type of hair! Even for the most damaged, blonde or colored!***To achieve the best result, such care should be carried out about 1 times in 2-3 month. Once the hair has acquired the desired appearance and result, it will be enough to repeat once in a 4-5month.


Truly an incredible and loving experience!She made me feel so comfortable the whole time and the results are PERFECTION, still loving them a week later!They truly speak for themself! 1000/10 would recommend to everybody!

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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